60 Victoria Embankment Phase 1


From top to bottom, OAG’s architectural glazing has improved the commercial offices at Victoria Embankment no end.

Huge glass elements always get us excited and they don’t come much bigger than the 10m by 10m glass curtain wall windows that we installed at 60 Victoria Embankment. The panes we fitted were at the maximum size the framing system would allow and they look incredibly modern, lying flush with the building’s walls with no recesses and no sills.

At the top of the building is a glass roof light, with only the slightest pitch. It’s just 7.5mm higher one side than the other. However the most amazing thing about it is that it’s walkable – we stress it is tested to meet TN67 Class 1 specifications so a worker can stand on the glass when cleaning it without fear of breakage or collapse.

The architect Gensler reclaimed a roof terrace area on the top level, turning it into a meeting room. The full height windows in the corner of the new room are actually sliding doors that open out to a view over the Thames, with a frameless glass balustrade for safety.

The final stunning element is a glazed lift shaft, which sits right between the 1880’s Victoria Embankment building and its 1980’s addition. No silicone joins, just glass and stone for a pleasingly simple design.

  • Location: Westminster, London
  • Architect: TP Bennett
  • Main Contractor: Structuretone


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