60 Victoria Embankment Phase 2


Pushing the envelope in terms of design, this striking structure used some of the largest pieces of glass we’ve ever installed.

Once we were already involved in updating and installing the huge windows, glass lift shaft and roof light at 60 Victoria Embankment, OAG was invited to tender separately for an awesome all-glass entranceway to the building.

The result is an incredible and exciting piece of glass architecture, which drew on all of our passion for design and engineering excellence.

With its structural fins and beams, this entranceway deployed the biggest panes of glass we’d worked with to date and, with just three small bolts, it’s almost entirely free of visible fixings.

The roof of the structure is fully walkable for cleaning and maintenance, and uses double glazing units 70mm thick. Meanwhile the upright sections of glass are up to 7.4m high and 2.8m wide. We had the gigantic L-shaped sections around the revolving door pods shaped to order and another tricky spot was the front corner, which is cut away to tuck behind the corner column on the 1880’s structure next door.

With a finished look that exudes wow-factor, the job at Victoria Embankment is one of our most exciting projects yet.

  • Location: Westminster, London
  • Architect: TP Bennett
  • Main Contractor: Structuretone


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