Introducing the complete fire and smoke glazing solution from OAG

With extensive experience in the manufacturing, development and installation of bespoke fire glazing solutions, we offer a variety of glazed door systems, framed and frameless walls to suit your requirements. We can provide tested glass structures from ‘Integrity only E30’ through to ‘EI120 Integrity and Insulation’ in accordance with building regulation BS/EN9999 parts 1 and 2.

We believe that it is not only our responsibility to provide the correct glazed fire barrier for your application but to offer an aesthetically pleasing solution that will blend with the surrounding environment.

Fortiglaze Slim versions offer minimal frames and maximal glazed areas, while standard models can be paired with heavier glass types and security options for additional protection.

So when considering a fire rated glazed application for a new development or renovation think OAG, think Fortiglaze.



OAG completed several tests with Exova, sampling different materials & variations of the system. This allowed us to give the end user both options & confidence in the quality of constituents used.

Specialising primarily in bespoke structural glazing, we wished to offer our clients something over & above the norm of fire rated systems. Therefore, we tested & assessed our first double door system to a height of 3 meters, a feat rarely seen in slim profile fire rated glazing.

Our system is tested to BS EN 1634-1: 2014 , the latest European standard & was launched for production in April 2017.

To further highlight our experience and knowledge in this field we have now successfully completed the FIRAS accreditation, which provides evidence of our competence to install our fire rated systems safely and in-line with all relevant building regulations.

Thinking ahead, the entire Fortiglaze system has been tested to meet CE European standards, a compulsory prerequisite when installing fire rated products in 2019.



Fortiglaze is manufactured in our own factory giving us end to end quality control for the complete range of fire and smoke doors and screens.

Our factory, located in Radstock, Somerset, have streamlined the assembly process by creating a seamless fab & hang system for large scale orders.

We are fully committed to not only the long term support and maintenance of our products & the future development of our Fortiglaze range.

Get in touch to find out more about our maintenance contracts at

Interactive Specification Guide

Once certified by the IFC, OAG wished for its clients to have the best understanding possible of the product & systems extensive range. To tackle this, we developed the ‘Interactive digital specification guide’.

This allowed users to not only spec the product & be provided with extensive product info & capabilities, but also be shown a real-life example of that specific product being installed at the end of the user journey. We hope this will allow all our clients to make sure they have the right system & aesthetic features for their project.

We strive to deliver bespoke project-based testing to provide our clients with the most flexible system options. Despite the system only being released last year it is already being installed on a number of prestigious London projects, such as Devonshire Square & 22 Bishopsgate.




  • E30 / E60
  • E30 Slim / E60 Slim
  • EI30 / EI60 / EI90 / EI120

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