60 Minutes

Glass fire doors and screens offering 60 minutes of protection
Glass Fire Door Screen E60 - 60 minutes protection


The mid-level protection for integrity only passive fire applications.

OAG Architectural Fire Glazing


The mid-level EI system where insulation is as important as integrity.

OAG Fire

Fire and Smoke Glazing Solutions

At OAG we are continuously testing new arrangements, ironmongery and glazed fire rated solutions. If you are unable to find what you are looking for or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Fire resistance periods are typically described in terms of E – integrity and EI – integrity and insulation.

Fire classification E – integrity only
Integrity only systems provide a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke and prevent the spread of fire for the given period. Integrity only systems do not prevent the transfer of heat from the fire side to the non-fire side.

Fire classification EI – integrity and insulation

This category of passive fire resistance also offers a barrier against flames, hot gases and smoke, however unlike integrity only, the EI system will reduce the transmittance of radiant heat from the fire side to the non-fire side.

For further information or assistance on the passive fire protection ratings, please contact us.