The upper-level EI system where insulation is as important as integrity.
Single and double doors (Latched only)
Fire Rating E190, 90 Minutes Integrity and Insulation (90/90)
Fire Standard BS EN 1634-1
Locks & Fittings Rebated and latched only
Fittings to match the system
Weld on hinges
Choose from a range of stainless-steel handles
Face mounted overhead closures
Dropseal Length to suit the door
Door Seals Double seal
Finish Mild steel powder coated
Dimensions OAG are committed to ongoing testing and the dimensions listed below should be treated as guidance only. Door configurations such as latched or un-latched have a bearing on overall sizes, please contact us to discuss individual project requirements.
Singe door up to 1,510mm wide and up to 2,910mm high
Double door up to 1,220mm (per leaf) and up to 2,520mm high
Side panels (either side of the door configuration) - Please contact us for further information
Fire Rating EI90, 90 Minutes Integrity and Insulation (90/90)
Finish Mild steel powder coated
Dimensions Side panel up to 1,360mm wide and up to 2,440mm high
Standalone butt jointed as per Certifire approval
Please contact us should you need to exceed these dimensions