New Bracken House


A return to an old home for the Financial Times, New Bracken House is a mix of new contemporary architecture alongside the old Financial Times Printworks, to which they are returning after a 30-year hiatus.

This historic landmark building in clear view of St Pauls Cathedral was the first to be listed after the blitz of the Second World War due to its many ornate features including an exterior sundial fashioned around a model of Winston Churchill’s face.

After leaving the building in the late 80’s the Financial Times are returning to known ground after a much-needed facelift for the longstanding building.

OAG’s work began with a long lead in, back in 2017, with the removal of the existing Friday Street canopy, to allow for surrounding entrance & interior reception works. OAG then returned to replace the canopy in late 2018.

In the meantime, OAG had numerous internal works to complete, beginning with the reception works in February 2018. This included bespoke bronze framed glass screens & timber louvres, surrounding the ground floor reception.

The bronze frames were designed to match existing bronze elements within the building and maintain the architectural design from 30 years earlier.

Behind the reception OAG installed barrier balustrading leading to the atrium lift lobby. OAG’s glazed lift shaft enclosure spanned two floors combining ultra-clear low iron glazing with existing spider bracket fittings. This was installed in between the lift shaft & surrounding stairwell.

Further inside the complex OAG installed full height glass screens & spandrels stretching three floors connecting the communal & office areas, creating a vast expanse of atrium light in the North and South ends of the building.

We are delighted in the finish on this project & hope the Financial Times enjoy their new Head Office for years to come.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with McLaren on this project & look forward to working with them again in future.

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  • Location : London EC4
  • Architect : John Robertson
  • Main Contractor : McLaren


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