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We are architectural glass specialists. Our work makes a statement. Innovative in approach and ambitious in mindset, you can trust us to realise your vision because we’ll do whatever’s necessary to achieve it. 

This virtual showroom provides an overview of our products, and the projects that we love to get involved with.

We have the vision and technical expertise to deliver the right results for you, and we’ll support you all the way through the process. We’ll facilitate your needs, accommodating changes to requirements wherever possible, because we pride ourselves on building strong, consultative, long term relationships that last the test of time.

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Glass Atrium

Atria are key features in modern architecture, with glass roofs overhead and full height, slab-to-slab façades that allow plenty of sunlight to pour down into the core of the building.

OAG specialises in atria construction and has developed slab edge barrier glazing for both frameless and framed structures. Frameless atria give architects the chance to make a real impact. Using our patented Optima Nebula glass-to-glass joints the overall form of the atrium comes to the fore, with fewer visible lines breaking it up. We can offer some amazing creative architectural glass solutions too, like coloured layers or images printed onto, or laminated into, the glass.

Glass Balustrade

From homes to stadia, OAG has a wealth of experience installing balustrades and barrier wall systems.

Partial and full height glass barriers can be so much better than solid walls. By letting light through and maintaining a sense of openness, transparent walls and balustrades are more relaxing for the people who live, work or pass near them. They contribute to an all-round better environment.

Glass barriers are often used in travel terminals like airports and railway stations, as well as in stadia and entertainment venues, to contain and channel large numbers of people as they move from one area to another.

Glass Box

OAG is always developing new ways of doing things. We attend trade events across Europe, seeking out new glass technologies and ideas. Applying them, alongside our engineering knowledge, we can make glass a major structural element in any project, creating incredible frameless glazed walls and roofs that appear to float above the structure – indoors or outside.

Early involvement in the design is critical so that we can help you anticipate and manage the costs. But more than that, we’re able to suggest beautiful flourishes that can turn a solid piece of architecture to something memorable.


Modular façade systems using aluminium are popular with many architects and designers and OAG has plenty of experience in this area. With building energy costs now a critical factor, we’re used to working on buildings that meet thermal requirements and delivering textile systems for controlling light, decorative cloaking, weather protection and more.

OAG sources from the best glass processors and accessory manufacturers and we’ll work closely with them to bring in specialised glass elements that fit the bill both aesthetically and financially. Our partners include Raico, Schueco, Forster and Texo.

Bespoke Facades

Whether the look the architect is going for is bold and striking, or subtle and elegant, OAG has a reputation for producing façades and entrances that are beautiful and distinctive. Working with glass, aluminium, steel or timber, we’ll put together a façade package that makes the right impression and works within your cost plan.

Whilst a growing number of ‘off the shelf’ façade solutions have become available, our specialist approach – with in-house engineering services – means we can give any project something totally unique.

Shop Windows

High quality glazing is essential in today’s consumer-focused retail world and it’s another area where OAG excels.

Retailing today is all about products and brands and any architectural statements that are to be made usually point in that direction. Look at Apple’s wonderful use of glass in the design of its outlets, where an open and optimistic atmosphere comes to the fore and natural light is allowed to illuminate the products on display wherever possible.

Fire and Smoke Doors

Fire safety is a hugely important aspect in both new construction and refurbishment of buildings. The requirements might seem restrictive but they are entirely necessary and with OAG’s experience in using glass as a fire barrier we can help you plan an awe-inspiring structure that meets all the regulations, which are outlined in BS/EN9999 parts 1 and 2.

We can advise on framed and frameless systems, as well as glass fire doors, OAG also has extensive experience relating to tested glass systems from ‘Integrity only E30’ through to ‘EI120 Integrity and Insulation’.


OAG is the firm to turn to when it comes to beautiful glazing systems for doorways and entrance areas.

Celebrities feel obliged to make a big entrance, and so does OAG – but in a totally different sense! We’re an architectural glazing company that feels driven to design building entrances that look strong, beautiful, dramatic and distinctive. When visitors arrive, we want to be certain they get the right impression about the high value structure and the organisations inside.


Once regarded as an expensive luxury, glass floors now play both decorative and structural roles in many of the country’s grandest construction projects. They provide a fantastic way of enabling more natural light to flow through a building and OAG has been involved in a range or projects where glass floors have been used to stunning effect. We’ve installed glass stair treads and used glass in structural floor slab separation.

Today, glass floors can include lighting and colour elements and are manufactured to meet fire resistance standards. They can be built with thermal performance in mind – such as for pavements and roof terraces.


Whether you need an all-glass roof or a solution using steel and/or aluminium framing, OAG has a whole range of options. We’ll assist you with the design and we have plenty of expertise when it comes to the thermal and solar performance of your glass.

OAG will help with the installation of solar panels, adding the benefit of energy production to your building. With our in-house engineering service we can plan your roof economically and our designs take into account on-going maintenance and meet CDM standards for construction safety.

We work in two main categories of architectural glass roofing – structural glass roofs and framed roofing systems.

Feature Wall

Glass lets the sunlight in, but it’s also ideal for decorative and finishing elements inside a building. OAG has got it covered.

Atria, façades, entranceways, windows – glazing in these areas is essential for allowing light in. The more glass is used throughout the structural elements of a building, the more natural light can flow in for an open and uplifting feeling. However, your use of glazing needn’t end there; it can also make a big impact on the overall décor.

Glass lining and cladding is always an option when a designer or architect wants to continue the feel of a glossy and high tech finish from the glazing over to the rest of the structure.


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