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We consider a holistic view of Sustainability, encapsulating wider environmental, social and
economic aspects and strive for sustainable development.

We challenge the business-as-usual approach and through working collaboratively with our staff, clients and supply chain, we commit to high sustainability performance. 

By implementing best practice and promoting improved sustainability awareness and opportunity throughout our business, we work towards a more sustainable future. 


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We understand the role and the responsibility our business has in society and how we can be a positive force for change. We are committed to being a socially responsible business, internally and externally. We work to integrate CSR considerations into our business decision making across the four areas of  WorkplaceMarketplaceCommunityEnvironment.

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Supply Chain Sustainability School

We commit to continuous improvement in sustainability performance and awareness amongst staff. This is reflected in achieving School GOLD level Membership status, having:

  • completed self-assessments producing Action Plans for the business
  • continually used School training resources and provide access to staff
  • demonstrated an increase in sustainability competence
  • actively share our knowledge and experience with other School members in the form of a case study

Download our SCSS Case study here

Access the School website for further information.

OAG - Architectural Glass Specialists

Sourcing of Materials

Wherever possible, we procure the glass used in our products from suppliers certified with responsible
sourcing standards such as BES 6001 or ISO 14001.

These certifications allow suppliers to demonstrate their environmental and sustainability commitments and performance. Benefits include:

  • Minimising risk within our product supply chain

  • Securing additional BREEAM credits or LEED points for projects

  • Demonstrating to stakeholders that we source products responsibly

  • Improving overall social and environmental performance

  • Demonstrating continuous improvement related to environmental impacts
  • Delivering a route to benchmark and achieve continuous improvement regarding the sustainability of construction products

We only procure FSC® certified timber products with full Chain of Custody certifications. We also procure FSC® recycled printer paper for use in our head office.

We continue to explore opportunities to further improve our sustainable procurement processes.

OAG - Architectural Glass Specialists

Assessment Schemes

We regularly support projects undergoing BREEM, LEED and WELL Building sustainability assessments
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International Well Building Institute

By providing robust, reliable and complete evidence for assessment, we contribute to the award of credits/points for these schemes, helping projects achieve their assessment goals. 

Examples include: certifications for use of low VOC sealants, responsible sourcing of materials, transport and delivery information etc.