OAG Fire - Fire Glazing Projects

Designing and delivering stunning architectural glazed fire barriers in some of the most iconic and challenging structures in the UK
Grosvenor Street OAG Architectural Glass Facades

79-81 Grosvenor Street

Bespoke rainscreen cladding system, entrance doors and Schueco Jansen Viss projecting windows

135 Bishopsgate Eataly OAG Architectural Glass

135 Bishopsgate

Installation of stainless-steel portal on the East elevation and a number of structural glazing & cladding elements to the new retail & office area

Devonshire Square OAG Architectural Glass Entrances 01

Devonshire Square

Amongst food courts and al fresco dining lies our shining example of striking entrance glazing, head and shoulders above the surrounding units

Salisbury Square OAG Architectural Internal Glass 01

Salisbury Square

Home to some of the city’s most prestigious businesses offering a luxury, modern office space

American School OAG Architectural Glass Roofs 01

American School London

The Art Building includes large expanses of curtain walling with bespoke bronze feature fins belted to the framework

New Bodleian Library OAG 01

New Bodleian Library

Minimal stylish frameless glazing in keeping with the landmark building’s gorgeous stonemasonry

Thomas More Square OAG Architectural Metal Cladding 01

Thomas More Square

Replace the existing entrance façade to building 3 with a stunning bespoke stainless-steel portico filled with structural glazing housing doors

The Tate Modern OAG 01

The Tate Modern

Installation of several glazing elements within the new structure including bespoke internal screens and doors, glass atrium areas, fire rated glazing and a stunning viewing gallery façade on the 11th floor

5 Broadgate UBS OAG Architectural Internal Glass 01

5 Broadgate

Bespoke woven Sefar mesh interlayered wall cladding as well as fire rated and non-fire rated scenic lift shaft glazing

South Bank Tower OAG Architectural Glass Facades 01

South Bank Tower

Introducing retail units, curtain walling and a new podium entrance to this well-known 70s high rise

1 Undershaft Aviva OAG Architectural Glass Facades 01 2

1 Undershaft

Implementing a vibrant modern twist on the 1960s building located in the hub of London’s financial district