50 Berkeley Street

Comprehensive refurbishment with multiple glazing solutions

Project Story

50 Berkeley Street is a 275,000 sqft prime office building in the heart of Mayfair. Designed by the acclaimed Stiff + Trevillion Architects, this project signifies a comprehensive reimagining of space and functionality. 

We will be helping enhance the ground floor entrance, installing a steel curtain walling system wrapped in burnished brass sheet. Additionally, automated single doors constructed from burnished brass profiles and a revolving door will be installed below a bespoke projecting canopy, adorned with bronze pressings.

For the ground floor we will craft bespoke glazing screens involving the creation of double-height glazing elements with bevelled glazed sides and top. These elements will be supported by a fabricated welded steel assembly structure wrapped in bronze, with a semi-structural glazed back to proprietary glazing channels, finished in bronze cover profiles.

We’re introducing new entrance portals for the VIP and cyclist entrances, each featuring glazed screens/doors accompanied by new soffit and reveal panels. Window refurbishment will include the replacement of glass and gaskets in existing windows, while new windows will be installed on the existing façade.

On the terraces, we’ll be adding new doors and curtain walling, including sliding and swing door systems. To bring natural light into the building, rooflight systems with automatic opening roof ventilation will be installed.

A mix of non-fire rated and fire-rated internal glass atriums will be constructed using a curtain walling system, incorporating acoustic absorbing spandrel panels and fire-rated screens will be installed to the mezzanine, featuring glazed fire-rated steel partition systems.

Lastly, cladding to the roof level will involve the use of an aluminium cladding system and SFS wall construction.

Project Summary

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50 Berkeley Street OAG Architectural Glass

50 Berkeley Street

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50 Berkeley Street

50 Berkeley Street, London, UK

Comprehensive refurbishment with multiple glazing solutions