One Exchange Square

Bespoke curtain wall system, timber-acoustic panels, plus stainless-steel louvre system

Project Story

Situated in the heart of London’s financial district, One Exchange Square stands as a symbol of architectural prowess, currently undergoing an impressive rejuvenation. 

Originally erected in the late 1980s, One Exchange Square is being meticulously refurbished to ensure its relevance and functionality in the modern era.

This state of the art 447,000 square feet office development will include 17,000 square feet of retail space along both Bishopsgate and Exchange Square, alongside premium workspace solutions.

Drawing from our successful track record with similar projects such as 135 Bishopsgate and 155 Bishopsgate, we’re implementing a comprehensive thermal upgrade to the existing stone façade.

Additionally, the ground floor will feature a low carbon curtain wall system, complemented by a bespoke double span steel curtain wall system, complete with double glazed units, spandrel panels, and louvres. Above the main entrance we will install a bespoke stainless-steel feature louvre system.

The West Atrium will showcase additional low carbon curtain walling with projected timber caps and timber acoustic panels.

Furthermore, the project includes the installation of custom-designed low carbon aluminium windows, featuring bespoke extrusions, double-glazed units and automated opening vents.

The exterior aesthetic will be further enriched by a diverse range of cladding types and materials, including stainless-steel portal cladding, pre-patinated copper cladding, solid aluminium cladding and expanded mesh cladding panels, harmoniously enhancing the building’s lower levels.

Project Summary

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OAG One Exchange Square Architectural Glass

One Exchange Square

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One Exchange Square

175 Bishopsgate, Bishopsgate, London, UK

Bespoke curtain wall system, timber-acoustic panels, plus stainless-steel louvre system